Couples Who Sweat Together Stay Together

There are two kinds of couples when it comes to fitness. Those who work out together. And those who don’t. Which kind of relationship are you in? There are pros and cons for each, of course – and it’s entirely up to you. But since it’s the month of Valentine’s Day, right now we’re going to focus on the couples that sweat together and stay together. We love welcoming pairs over 50 because we see how they’re not only improving their health, but also strengthening their relationship and setting a positive example.. And we’re not just making this up! Here are some reasons why working out together can be good for a relationship, all backed by research. And if you’re single or choose to work out alone, we still love you! Psychology Today shared findings about the benefits of exercising with a romantic partner. It is “associated with greater positive mood during exercise —beyond the happiness boost that results from the exercise itself — and it correlated with higher positive mood (but not reduced negative mood) during the day. Lastly, it was related to greater relationship satisfaction.” (Our emphasis!)

That makes sense, doesn’t it?

Exercise makes us feel good, so doing something that makes you feel good together can have powerful effects on the relationship.

It also demonstrates support and encouragement for your partner. Consider the opposite: Think about how hard it is for anyone over 50 trying to make healthy improvements to their lifestyle. Now think about someone whose partner is not helpful — or is maybe even blatantly discouraging — and imagine how that adds to the struggle.

Many of us work harder when we’re with someone – and who can get us revved up more than our No. 1 person?

Research also finds that having shared interests is good for a relationship. So, even if you go your separate ways at the gym, just having that journey together, and making relationships there, is also strengthening. It gives you something positive to do together, to talk about together.

It’s also a way to spend quality time together – whether that’s at the gym or walking the dog, ballroom dancing, or gardening in the back yard.

And the ways our bodies react to exercise – faster heartrate, shortness of breath, sweaty palms – are similar to the feelings of romantic attraction, right? Studies show a correlation between adrenaline and attraction, so working up a sweat together can be great for your physical connection.

Finally, exercising together builds upon your shared goals for your life together. For example, if your adult child is planning a wedding in a few months, you and your partner can encourage each other to work toward that big day. Or maybe you both want to run in your church’s spring 5K this year, improve your golf or tennis, or just enjoy playing with the grandchildren more.

Time together in the gym will improve your time together doing anything! Come see us today and let us show you how.

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