Do You Want to Try a ‘Dry’ January?

For many years, people around the world have started every year “resolving” to get in shape. Recently, another health-based resolution has been gaining momentum around the globe: It’s called Dry January, and it started in 2012 as a public health initiative from the British charity Alcohol Change UK. Now, this isn’t supposed to be a detox for people who have issues with alcohol dependency. But there are some great reasons to take a break from alcohol, especially this time of year. Health advocates say benefits include: Better sleep
More energy
Lose weight
Save money
Improved skin and hair
Better concentration
Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
Reduced liver fat Heavy, long-term drinking is rough on physical and mental health, increasing the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, liver disease, depression, anxiety and more. Alcohol can worsen more problems for mature adults, like memory loss, brain damage, and a 60% increase in falls, the NIH says. It’s worse for older women than men. A U.S. government panel has suggested that adults have no more than one drink a day. Alcohol consumption has risen in recent years, especially during the pandemic. Give Dry January a try if you feel like it. But if you think you have a problem, speak with a counselor, healthcare professional, or recovery organization. Enjoy a healthy January in any event!

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