Stay Fit to Enjoy Your Grandkids All Year Round

Why be fit after 50? For millions of people around the world, their No. 1 reason is their grandchildren. Being an active grandparent requires physical ability – strength, endurance and flexibility – that you can build in a gym or fitness studio. When the grandchild is an infant, you want to get down on the floor – and then back up again. As the kids grow and get heavier, you’ll be picking them up and carrying them around. By the time they can run, they’re going to want Grandma and Grandpa to go outside and play. Get them away from screens and engaging in creative play that neither of you will think about as “exercise.” Gain confidence with strong legs, back, core, glutes and more. We’re here to help, so come tell us about your special little ones and we’ll get you in shape for fun, healthy activities like…Visiting a playground to swing, climb and help them explore.
Hiking in a neighborhood or out of town on a trail. Play “I Spy with My Little Eye” or scavenger hunt games. Look for certain wildlife or birds. More info: The American Hiking Society.
Bicycling – As they keep growing, think of the special times you’ll have riding together.
Snowshoeing, skiing, snowmobiling – Don’t let winter keep you inside. Bundle up, stay safe, and have fun.
Skating – Roller-skating at a rink or on your sidewalk, plus ice skating in the winter.
Working out – If you’ve walked them to, say, gymnastics practice, sneak in your own workout if possible.

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