Meet Your Hip Flexors: They Need Some Love

Back pain is a problem for countless active adults. Did you know a frequent culprit is tight hip flexors?

These muscles are crucial in just about all movement, from standing and squatting, to walking and running. They start at the front top of your thighs and flex the hip to raise the knees toward the chest and to push them back when you squat.

But after decades of sitting and inactivity, many people over 50 have tightness there. Tight hip flexors are commonly linked with an anterior pelvic tilt, which causes excessive arching of the lower back. Bad posture weakens the glutes (your butt muscles) and gives you a short, choppy shuffle. Runners lose power in their knee lift, so it feels like their running in sand – and sloooowly.

The solution for most folks is lengthening the hip flexors. Muscles like these need to be elastic-like so movements remain fluid, powerful and explosive. Tight muscles tug on joints, leading to increased tension, misalignment, and injury.

Try this simple but effective stretch daily to lengthen those hip flexors. You’ll be surprised after just a few weeks how it improves your posture, gait and even athletic performance.

With the left knee on the floor and the right foot out in front, push the left hip forward and slightly down toward the floor. Keep the torso tall. Target the hip flexor and top of the quadriceps. Hold for 20-30 seconds, for 2-3 reps, and switch legs.

Come see us about improving your flexors and back pain. It all comes down to regular movement! That’s why we’re here.

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