How to Celebrate Healthy Aging Month

September is Health Aging Month, a chance to celebrate all we can do with our bodies, minds and spirits, no matter when we were born. There are countless ways to celebrate. Here are some categories to get you thinking about all that’s awesome about how we can practice healthy aging. 1. Move your body every day. If you don’t want to call it exercise, that’s fine. But at least start with movement – and then come see us to start, yes, exercising.
2. Maintain your social contacts. That means calling friends and family, attending community organizations or houses of worship, and making new friends with us here.
3. Get more fiber, protein and water. Most people don’t get enough, and we need more as we age.
4. Enjoy the outdoors. This time of year can be so enticing for a walk through the neighborhood or a hike in the hills.
5. Practice your creativity. Play an instrument. Paint or draw. Knit. You’ll thrive by practicing the simple power of using our imagination and skill to create something.
6. Feeling down? Talk to a counselor, clergy or therapist. Our brain health changes as we age, too, and medications can help.
7. Less screen time. Turn off the TV and the laptop. Stop scrolling social media. Limit your news consumption. Happy Healthy Aging Month! Come see us to start celebrating today.

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