Fitness Over 50: Sharing the Common Goal

A friend in marketing has come up with four categories of what he calls the “Over 50 Fitness Consumer.” It got us thinking, so we want to know. What do you think of this idea? Do you see yourself in one of these groups? Regardless, this idea illustrates a crucial point about enjoying life in our later years. Everybody’s different, and we LOVE the diversity of people over 50 who want to get fit or stay fit, as illustrated by our friend’s idea.First, he says, are people between 50 and 70 who are not in good physical shape or experienced in fitness. After working hard and raising kids for decades, they now might want to start, but don’t know how.Second are people in that age range who have always been athletic and physically active. They’re comfortable in a new gym or fitness studio, but – like everyone – they’re noticing that their bodies are changing with age.Third are people over 70 who are not in good shape or experienced in fitness. They’ve probably been retired for a while and, although they’d like to get moving on a regular basis to enjoy the rest of their lives, they don’t know what to do now, either.Fourth, our friend says, are people over 70 who have always been athletic and active – and are now determined to remain that way, despite the challenges of getting older, like joint replacements and common chronic health conditions. Our friend told us about his idea so we would keep in mind that “over 50” is not a “one size fits all” cohort. And, although we know that, of course, it’s always a good point to remember, especially since so many want to reduce “older” to a mere niche. We’re sharing it with you for a different reason. We want you to see yourself somewhere in this broad range of fitness customers. We love helping anyone in all of these categories. Helping everyone enjoy the benefits of fitness motivates us each day — and we’re here to help you figure out what’s right for you and your goals. That being said, think about yourself, family, friends, or others you know around town.Maybe you have a 60-year-old sister who still runs triathlons a few times a year.Maybe you’re in the bigger group of people right around retirement age who want to start exercising and need a little guidance – or, at least, a kind welcome. (Either way, we got you!)If you’re over 70 and athletic, you have a lot of experience that a newbie at the same age lacks. We respect that difference, and we appreciate your understanding that age happens to everyone to some degree, depending partly, of course, on how much care you’ve given your body, brain and spirit in life. Everyone has some things in common later in life, of course. Changing hormones. Different career focus. Empty nests. Aches, pains, and extra pounds if we don’t exercise regularly. We’re all united in our common goal of living our best lives at any age. Come see us today, and let’s get going!

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