Exercise Improves Common Sexual Problem for Men, Research Finds

Men with erectile disfunction have an option as powerful as Viagra that’s also good for every other function in their bodies and brains.

It’s called exercise.

Yep. Exercising three times a week for at least 30 minutes each session is as effective as the prescription medication, according to a study published in October in The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The study focused on aerobic activity like walking and cycling. The results came regardless of body weight, overall health, or use of medicines. Men who had the worst ED got the most benefit.

Erectile disfunction is often linked to cardiovascular health, the circulation of blood throughout the body. The study is great evidence for afflicted men and doctors that exercise is an effective treatment for this common problem.

Hormone replacement therapy also helps, according to the research.

Some men don’t to talk to their physicians about sexual performance. Others don’t want to take a prescription medication, or the side effects are too much for them. Those include headache, heartburn, nausea and flushing.

But the side effects of exercise? Everyone wants them! They include:

Weight management
Lower blood pressure
Less stress
Fewer body aches and pains
Better quality of life
Improved sleep

Whether it’s one reason or many, we all benefit from exercise – so come see us today and let’s get you feeling, moving, and looking better!

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