Embrace 7 Truths about Healthy Living after 50

Was it Freud who said we can’t get through the day without telling ourselves seven little lies? Or was it a magazine quiz we read in the dentist’s office? Doesn’t matter! The point is: We all love to tell ourselves “harmless” fibs to avoid doing something we know we “should” do. It’s easier than confronting the truth and finding new, powerful motivation to make positive changes. So, in the spirit of countering common nonsense with simple truths, let’s look at seven common excuses people over 50 use to avoid taking care of themselves. If you’ve ever said any of these, call us today! We are here to help. Ready? No. 1. “I hate exercise. It’s so boring.” We make sure “having fun” is a basic component of all our workouts, whether you’re starting out or have been fit for years. The reason is simple: It IS fun! And if we can’t make it enjoyable for newcomers, then we can’t expect them to come back, right? Maybe you hated high school P.E. Time to let that go!

No. 2. “I’m too busy.” Health experts say we all need to put in at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity cardio exercise, plus two sessions of strength-training, per week. You can break that up however you like. If you think you don’t have 30 minutes FOR YOUR HEALTH, then put down your TV remote and see how it frees up your calendar. Voila!

No. 3. “I can’t afford it.” You can’t afford NOT to exercise, especially as you get older. And walking, jogging, gardening… these activities cost nothing. Don’t assume exercise takes a ton of money any more than it takes all your spare time. No. 4. “I’m tired/injured/stressed/etc.” Nothing will give you more energy than exercise – or help you move better, feel better and sleep better. We can cite a thousand studies to show how working out improves mobility, joint pain, blood pressure and more. If you think more time on the couch will somehow make you start feeling better, then enjoy!

No. 5. “I’m too old.” There is no age at which we can’t exercise and receive its benefits. Again, try this reverse-psychology on yourself: Are you “too old” to smile? To feel good? To travel, enjoy hobbies, play with grandkids, and maintain your independence? We didn’t think so. We’re here to show anyone of any age or ability how to move effectively and safely. No. 6. “I’m already thin.” Congratulations…? We’re not talking about being skinny. We’re talking about being healthy – about moving better, feeling better, and – yes – looking better. Health is SO MUCH MORE than being “thin.” You need strength, stamina and agility to enjoy life on your own terms. No. 7. “There’s no point.” We want to help you take care of yourself, enjoy their body, and protect your health through physical activity. Exercise is medicine; exercise is prevention; and exercise is life. Let’s help you get back to living your best life today. We believe in you – and in our ability to share these simple truths.
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